Wacky 2006

A yearly overview of the clues of upcoming titles provided by Criterion and Jason Polan in the monthly newsletter. Proudly pun-ful, characteristically corny, and always awaited with bated breath.

The second year of clues and the first with a full 12-month complement of Wacky (although not all for actual titles). “Clues” run the gamut from outright giveaways to a pretty good haiku that hints at 4 whole titles! This is the year where the Wacky C makes its debut and Eclipse roars out of the gate with an Early Bergman set. If that wasn’t enough, we also get the inaugural t-shirts and coffee mugs and the mother of all coffee table sets from Janus. All-in-all a pretty transformative year for Criterion and us fans. 


2006 Jan Late Spring331 Late Spring

2006 Feb Dazed and Confused336 Dazed and Confused

2006 Mar Kicking and Screaming349 Kicking and Screaming

2006 Apr Wacky EclipseRohmer Bergman

2006 May VariousAmarBeeGokuTime

2006 Jun Couture2006 Store Open

2006 July Veronique359 Double Life of Veronique

2006 Aug EAH 50EAH Janus Boxset

2006 Sep Monsters and Madmen364 Of Monsters and Madmen

2006 October Richard III376 49th Parallel

2006 Nov Naked City380 The Naked City

2006 Dec Seventh SealES01 Early Bergman

Images ©Jason Polan/Criterion