Wacky 2005

A yearly overview of the clues of upcoming titles provided by Criterion and Jason Polan in the monthly newsletter. Proudly pun-ful, characteristically corny, and always awaited with bated breath.

The first (half) year of the wacky era starts out decidedly not. These are not wacky drawings or even clues. This is just … information. Animals and icons from existing films basically have learned to speak English just to give us details of specific upcoming titles and OOP status. This is all well and good, but not exactly fun. The pictures in the newsletters are very small, but surprisingly detailed at this point. Make no mistake, we were all ecstatic to get this insider info, but the pondering and head scratching would take another year or two to evolve.

2005 Jul Harder They Come83 The Harder They Come

2005 Aug Tales of Hoffman317 Tales of Hoffman

2005 Sep 3 Malle327 3 Malle

2005 Oct Metropolitan326 Metropolitan

2005 Nov Mr Arkadin322 Mr Arkadin

2005 Dec 3 Kuros52 Yojimbo2 Seven Samurai53 Sanjuro

Images ©Jason Polan/Criterion