The EAH 60

The Essential Art House line allows the budget-minded film fan to own some pretty incredible titles from Janus and The Criterion Collection. These are definitely a second half-cousin to the main line, but they offer some real treasures to those that care less about supplements and want to focus more on the movie experience. For such simple editions, keeping track of the various permutations of their release is a bit harder to follow. Since 2006, there have been 60 films presented in this format. This appears to be the full extent of what they will release under the EAH banner. 

Here are the numbers. Each category and its history will be sussed out in future posts:

Total Titles: 60
Janus Book Titles: 50
Subset Collections: 5
OOP Subset Collections: 3
Subset Titles: 30
Individual Releases: 30
EAH Only: 6
Full Criterion Releases: 54
OOP Titles: 9

Here are the covers. In no particular order:

EAH Loves of a Blonde EAH Jules and Jim EAH Floating Weeds EAH Kapo EAH Brief Encounter EAH Mayerling EAH The 39 Steps EAH The Tales of Hoffman EAH Throne of Blood EAH 8 and a half EAH Le Jour se Leve EAH Gervaise EAH Variety Lights EAH The Hidden Fortress EAH Richard III EAH The 400 Blows EAH The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp EAH Ashes and Diamonds EAH Forbidden Games EAH Last Holiday EAH Pygmalion EAH La Strada EAH Ikiru EAH Black Orpheus EAH Wild Strawberries EAH Beauty and the Beast EAH Grand Illusion EAH Knife in the Water EAH Lord of the Flies EAH Rashomon EAH Wages of Fear EAH Viridiana EAH Umberto D EAH Ugetsu EAH Three Documentaries EAH The Lady Vanishes EAH The Seventh Seal EAH The Virgin Spring EAH The White Shiek EAH Third Man EAH The Importance of Being Earnest EAH Summertime EAH Spirit of the Beehive EAH Seven Samurai EAH Rules of the Game EAH Laaventura EAH M EAH Miss Julie EAH Pandoras Box EAH Pepe Le Moko EAH Kind Hearts and Coronets EAH Il Posto EAH Haxan EAH Fists in the Pocket EAH Fires on the Plain EAH Ivan the Terrible Part II EAH Monsieur Hulots Holiday EAH Alexander Nevsky EAH Ballad of a Soldier EAH Fallen Idol

Does a Completionist own the individually available non-CC titles for the time being?

This one does.