Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder Pictures was a short-lived Miramax vanity label under Quentin Tarantino’s imprimatur. During its 3-year existence, it released 8 films personally selected by QT for reassessment and greater exposure in the market place.

As Criterion and Miramax were partnering during this time for a slew of mainline releases on laserdisc (including an amazing Pulp Fiction boxset), the opportunity was available to use this relationship to produce three of the RT titles in very nice LD editions. As with many unofficial Criterions of the day, the copyright lists Voyager as the label, but the CC aesthetic is all over these three packages: Visually interesting design and artwork, thoughtful liner notes, commentaries and other special features. Criterion aficionados of today will notice familiar names such as Susan Arosteguy and Lee Kline in the production credits.

While most of the 8 films in this package were somewhat of a certain type, it makes sense that Chungking Express would make it to the CC canon about a decade later. The Rolling Thunder line itself was eventually shut down by Miramax due to very sluggish sales.


SONATINE RT1002L 03/02/1999


RT Switchblade Sisters RT Switchblade Sisters 2 RT Sonatine RT Chungking Express


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