Eisen Bernardo

A category of The Completion that recognizes and celebrates those people who have taken their love and interest in the Criterion Collection and used it as a catalyst for their own artistic endeavors.

Eisen Bernardo is a Filipino graphic artist. A development communicator by profession, he works as a multimedia producer and writer at the Communication and Public Affairs unit of the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity. He has laid out publications and produced audiovisual materials for the local and international research organizations based in the Philippines.

Bernardo’s +Art series has gotten a fair amount of buzz around the world in different disciplines and mediums. The Criterion project seems to work very well as the covers used typically lend themselves to a simplicity and starkness that merges beautifully with the art on display.

Check out this video of some of his other subjects and be sure to check out his favorite auteurs.


After my Mag+Art and Album+Art, Criterion+Art is the latest addition in my +Art digital collage series. This is inspired by one of my followers’ request to combine movie posters and classical paintings. But I tweaked the idea and used old and new Criterion covers instead. I love art house cinema, and I think this will be a good tribute.