Eclipsed LD

It is always an interesting month when an old 12-inch title gets upgraded into the modern 5-inch collection. Comparisons abound on the improved transfer, cover art, and (hopefully) improved special features and essays.

However, there are three special cases where a different road was taken. These three titles were solid laserdisc editions that found themselves making it to the Eclipse line instead of the mainline.

It seems apparent these were titles that were a long way down the list of potential mainline upgrades and were available to help tell a compelling story within the Eclipse umbrella, while sharing a greater exposure to CC fans. But what do we make of these? Were they upgrades in the general sense?

Sure, they enjoy the greater resolution that DVD provides, but ostensibly no work was done on any sort of cleanup of the presentation. None of the LDs had special features and that is continued on the Eclipse discs. The cover art of the LDs is generally more interesting, if not outright better.

This jury seems to think that a Best Version Criterion Completionist owns all of these. Or not.

13 Osaka Elegy221 Osaka Elegy

25 League of Gentlemen

25 Victim358 Victim