Dont Not Listen

I love working on this blog.

It’s become much more visual and less wordy as it goes along, but I’ve been very happy with the aesthetic so far, and I’m sure it will evolve even more over time.

I’ve always intended for this to be a place for objective information about The Criterion Collection, and I think I’ve stayed to that goal about 90% of the time. I try to do that with The Facebook Group as well, but with dozens of impassioned fans, subjectivity can’t help but rise to the surface quite often.

Recently, I took part in my third Criterion podcast and I have to say it is a great outlet for the subjective part of my brain that I like to keep in check otherwise. Being a small part of the CriterionCast/Criterion Close-Up cadre feeds these urges quite well and allows me to stay on mission here at The Completion.

So click off site below to check out my latest spewings as I joined Aaron West and Mark Hurne to talk about a prime example of the best of Direct Cinema and rock doc all rolled into one: Dont Look Back.

Join us for the inspiring tale of Bob Dylan’s transatlantic search for the elusive Donovan Leitch, the aviophobia of Alan Price, and the backstage appropriateness of Joan Baez’s blouse.

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CCU25: Click Me!

CCU25: Click Me!