Criterion Blogathon

In a way, this post is almost too late make an impact.CCBlogathon

The Criterion Blogathon was announced early in August 2015 by a trio of movie bloggers, including my friend Aaron over at Criterion Blues. This announcement has created a tiny seismic ripple in the movie blogosphere, as it appears to have tapped into a groundswell of potential movie bloggers just waiting for the right kick in the keister to get started. I’ve heard word that this project has been the impetus for about 12 new blogs getting ramped up so as to take part in this fest of words in November.

The Criterion Completion is no exception. I finally moved the concept of this site from brain to screen solely due to this project. As you might expect, I will be covering the topic of Collecting Criterion. It is the focus of both this site and the corresponding Facebook page that I started a little over a year ago. I look forward to putting some thoughts together to explain this curious and expensive hobby, although I do know that I’ll be preaching to various choirs during the process.

From last report, I’ve seen that there are well over 100 participants who will be typing out their love for certain Criterion films, directors, genres, actors, and eras. I look forward to reading each and all during that time. I hope that I can add some interesting angles and ideas to an event that promises to have an abundance of both.

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