Wacky 2014

A yearly overview of the clues of upcoming titles provided by Criterion and Jason Polan in the monthly newsletter. Proudly pun-ful, characteristically corny, and always awaited with bated breath.

Another year and portent Polan’s passel of proficient puns continue to portend prodigious physical product. The return of the skinny cat heralds more Morris, Almodóvar finally makes it into the 5-inch collection, and Monte suffers for his art being compared to whipped eggs. 2014 also brings us the oft-discussed, never-proven (until now) double clue with a fine set of colorful chevals. Combine that with the dual Hellmans and the 2014 newsletters gave us a total of 14 films for our guessing pleasure.

2014 Jan Tie Me Up Down722 Tie Me Up Down

2014 Feb Love Streams 721 Love Streams2014 Mar MacBeth 726 Macbeth

2014 Apr The Vanishing133 The Vanishing

2014 May Shooting Whirwind734 The Shooting2014 Jun Happened One Night 736 It Happened One Night2014 Jul Satyricon 747 Fellini Satyricon2014 Aug Thin Blue Line 753 The Thin Blue Line

2014 Sep Dont Look Now745 Don't Look Now

2014 Oct Odd Man Out754 Odd Man Out

2014 Nov Pink Horse Black Stallion750 Ride the Pink Horse

2014 Nov Pink Horse Black Stallion765 The Black Stallion

2014 Dec Limelight756 Limelight

Images ©Jason Polan/Criterion