Wacky 2010

A yearly overview of the clues of upcoming titles provided by Criterion and Jason Polan in the monthly newsletter. Proudly pun-ful, characteristically corny, and always awaited with bated breath.

Wacky in 2010 saw some true standouts in both content and clues. The Eclipse/Oshima clue deserves a standing ‘O,’ the Crumb clue is ballsy since Robert himself probably wouldn’t like to see Fritz the Cat used to promote it, and the Broadcast Gnus are so goofy that I still laugh about them to this day. Also some of the last clues to promote Blu releases as if they were a bit of a rarity. Plus the first appearance of the big, skinny cat that would come back years later in a different hue for some fantastic Errol Morris.

2010 Jan OshimaES21_Oshima_original
2010 Feb Crumb533 Crumb
2010 Mar Thin Red Line536 Thin Red Line

2010 Apr Antichrist542 Antichrist

2010 May Breathless408_DF_box_348x490_original (1)

2010 June Night Hunter541 Night of the Hunter

2010 July Broadcast News552 Broadcast News

2010 Aug BBSBBS_DVD_box_348x490_original

2010 Sep Kes561 Kes

2010 Oct Fear Loathing Vegas175_box_348x490_original

2010 Nov Blow Out562 Blow Out

2010 Dec Pale Flower564 Pale Flower

Images ©Jason Polan/Criterion