Wacky 2007

A yearly overview of the clues of upcoming titles provided by Criterion and Jason Polan in the monthly newsletter. Proudly pun-ful, characteristically corny, and always awaited with bated breath.

2007 was the first year of Wacky Clues that didn’t come right out and tell you what the movie was going to be. They got a little harder, but the word balloons tipped their hand to many of the titles. Often the drawing itself had nothing to do with the film in question, and sometimes they referenced other films in the collection past, present, or future. No matter, they were still fun to see every month as the guessing games began.

2007 Jan San Soleil387_box_348x490_original

2007 Feb Berlin Alex 411_box_348x490_original

2007 Mar Ace Hole396_DF_box_348x490_original
2007 Apr 3Penny Opera405_box_348x490_original

2007 May Breathless408_DF_box_348x490_original (1)

2007 Jun Days Heaven409_box_348x490_original

2007 Jul 2Lane Black414_box_348x490_original_original

2007 Aug E8 LubitschES08_Lubitsch_original

2007 Sep Naked Prey415_box_348x490_original

2007 Oct Ice Storm426_box_348x490_original

2007 Nov Thief Bagdad431_box_348x490_original

2007 Dec Furies435_box_348x490_original
Images ©Jason Polan/Criterion