Pod Circling

This may very well be the most circular post that this site will see.

In August 2015, this site was started with the aspiration of becoming an unofficial encyclopedia of all things Criterion. That aspiration is alive and well and your friendly author is having an absolute blast putting this together. While I typically don’t talk about the merits of individual movies or their suitability to the canon, I do talk about everything else.

Recently I was asked to to guest on the increasingly fantastic podcast Criterion Close-Up. In this episode we talk about the mentality behind collecting and what it means to be Criterion Complete.

So to be clear, what we have here is a post at The Criterion Completion regarding a podcast at Criterion Close-Up wherein I talk with Aaron West and Mark Hurne about collecting stuff, collecting The Criterion Collection, and what it’s like to run The Criterion Completion.

Where ever you go there you are.

Please enjoy.

We did.


Episode 7: Click me!