Plenty of Warroom

CCU39: The War Room, Politics in Film

Who knew that speaking into a microphone could be so much fun?

Millions of people, of course. But I am just now figuring that out for myself. This is my third appearance on the Criterion Close-Up podcast and my fourth overall for the CriterionCast family. It is a distinct joy to speak with other Criterion aficionados about the state of the industry, upcoming releases, and even the content of these marvelous discs we all covet to varying degrees.

Please take 75 minutes to listen to Aaron West and I let our political flags fly a bit as we talk about the state of documented politics today, yesterday (1992) and yester-yesterday (1960) all wrapped in the guise of Direct Cinema with the connecting tissue of DA Pennebaker and the Criterion Collection.

This was a lot of fun to record. I hope your listening mileage is comparable!