Photo Contest July 2016

July 2016 saw the first photo contest over on the Criterion Completion Facebook Group. It was a rousing success and positions us nicely to become a must-stop for Criterion fans would like to see how other collectors and completionists interact and show their love for their collections and the films housed therein.

With the advent of the much-anticipated July Barnes and Noble Criterion Collection sale, I encouraged our members to step up their game and make their inevitable “look what I got” pictures engaging to look at. Sweeten the pot with the promise of a free disc and the results were astounding!

With the end of the sale and the end of the contest our winners were picked and a great time was had by all.

Our first place winning entry was actually a strong tie between two of our more active members: Travis Nathan Trudell and Cole Roulain.

Each of these entries does something completely different in my mind. Travis’ entry tremendously evokes the concept of the WCF boxset in a beautiful way. I love the “Still Life for World Cinema” vibe to it and it is definitely my favorite of his many fantastic contributions.

Travis Nathan Trudell 1

Cole’s winning entry hits on so many cylinders of perfection. Such a great example of capturing the mise-en-scene of Wenders as well some mise-en-place for good measure. The incorporation of the Polaroid elements just seals the deal.

Cole Roulain

Matthew Gasteier rounds out the Top Three with his cheeky ode to the Wacky E! I love the simplicity of this and the love and care that went into staging it.

Matthew Gasteier


Above¬†you will see all of the tremendous pictures posted to the group during the sale period. Not all were official entries, but were pictures that I really liked anyway. You’ll also see a couple from me that were never a part of the contest. I look forward to doing this again in November during the next budget-busting sale at B&N. If you’re not a member of our Facebook Group, please submit your request to join right away. We’d love to have you as part of the fun.