CC on TV

While your average person on the planet has probably never even heard of The Criterion Collection, the Internet is full of people just like us that know and revere this fascinating little company and the product they provide to us each and every month. Google can bring you page after page after page of links to Criterion wares and our thoughts on them all.

While I am still striving to make this site just a little bit different than most, there is no denying that there are a lot of blogs and sites out there dedicated to many of the same topics brought up here. Just check underneath the orange ‘plus button’ on the main page to see many of my favorites in these arenas.

One area that I find myself fascinated by is trying to find mentions of CC in general media and advertising. This has proven to be a much more difficult pursuit. There just isn’t that much out there! For a company that has been around over 30 years, I find this a bit perplexing, but the hunt continues. Over time I want to bring you TV and radio spots, print advertising, mentions in film and TV, and maybe even some Internet goodies if they are of more interest than normal.

The best way I know to start off this topic is with the earliest media appearance I know of from the earliest days of CC. This appears to be from early 1985 and you’ll notice there is no Janus in the picture yet, they are based in California, and Roger Smith is still within his very short tenure with the Steins. This is a great little piece of CC ephemera.