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For my simoleons, the best unofficial Criterion site on the web is Ryan Gallagher’s A full-service site that showcases much that is happening in the world of quality cinema, with a welcome focus on The Criterion Collection at its core.

Over the years Ryan and his revolving gang of cinéastes have amassed an impressive catalog of podcasts that are always a pleasure to listen to. I’ve been listening intently since 2009 and recently had the distinct pleasure to join and contribute to one of their well-regarded, year-end Criterion round tables. In it, we discuss our favorite (not necessarily best) releases of 2015.

If you have not heard this particular episode, please settle in and give 6 CC fans 149 minutes of your precious time.

Episode 167: Criterion Collection Favorites of 2015

Handy Score Card:

Aaron West ⇒ WebFacebook ⇒ Twitter

106 Hiroshima mon Amour746 A Day in the Country446 Autumn Afternoon782 The Apu Trilogy

Arik Devens ⇒ Web ⇒ Twitter

754 Odd Man Out786 Dont Look Back479 My Dinner Andre782 The Apu Trilogy

David Blakeslee ⇒ Web Facebook ⇒ Twitter

776 Moonrise Kingdom763 The Bridge276 The River756 Limelight

Keith Enright ⇒ WebFacebook ⇒ Twitter

769 Day for Night767 My Beautiful Laundrette276 The River781 In Cold Blood

Ryan Gallagher ⇒ WebFacebook ⇒ Twitter

765 The Black Stallion782 The Apu Trilogy276 The River748 Watership Down

Scott Nye ⇒ Web ⇒ Twitter

772 Blind Chance771 Two Days One Night101 Cries Whispers744 Every Man for Himself