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All Tomorrow’s Parties is an international music and art festival started early in this century as an attempt to be an antidote to the large corporate festivals that are such a part of the concert landscape. Starting in the UK, but branching into the US in 2002, the festival had a 5-year stint in the Catskills of New York starting in 2008. From the beginning, Criterion was involved with this particular stop with an eclectic slate of films meant to complement and counter program the various musical acts that form the focus of the festival.

Criterion as a brand was not a part of the marketing blitz for the festival (that comes in later years), but they were definitely a strong part of the festivities each and every year. The 2008 festival was curated by both My Bloody Valentine and ATP. It doesn’t appear that the films were curated by anyone in particular at the festival, but was most likely left to Criterion themselves to put the slate together, barring two selections that seem to come from non-Criterion sources. Also, Paul Schrader was on hand to talk about Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters and David Markey was there as well to present 1991: The Year That Punk Broke.

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ATP – New York – September 19-21, 2008
Kutsher’s Country Club – Monticello NY
Criterion Cinema Line Up

362 Border Radio247 Slacker356 Sweetie335 Elevator to the Gallows254 The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

165 Man Bites Dog99 Gimme ShelterThe Year Punk Broke432 Mishima400 Stranger than Paradise

166 Down by Law38 Branded to Kill89 SistersCinema 16 European Shorts178 My Life as a Dog

215 Knife in the Water27 Flesh for Frankenstein28 Blood for Dracula437 Vampyr260 Eyes Without a Face